There are 4 main links, including this Site Map, on the web homepage. Here are the "sub-links" under each of the 4 main link topics.


a short biography


Charlotte -link to another website
-Craft Projects
- things that I have made
-Dolls- dolls I made over the years
-Legend of Long-Bearded Bill -my first rhyming story
-Lunch experience-a 4th grade memory
-Magic Butterlyon-a story about appreciation by Ilana Louise
-Magic Kingdom- a rhyming poem written by Andy Ira
-Mel's website -link to another website
-Miniatures- some miniature scenes that I have made
-Mom- about my mother

-Pat's Cat and Cat's Pat- A level 1 story
-Poem-Old Folktale retold
-Projects- projects done in two schools
-Rhymeniks link- link to another website
-SillyWilly stories- A nonsense series with 10 stories
-Stories menu -About the stories I have written
-Tattle-Tale-Tillie- A rhyming story about tattling
-The Willy-Silly Stories-
A series of 10 nonsense stories in prose







-Alarm Clock Goose-rhyming story with animal sounds
-Buana Simba's Pride-- an East African folktale
-Buana Kifaru's Big Foot
- A Rhino learns not to be a snob
.............................................(under construction)

-Bungle Maurice- A moose learns to be self-reliant
-Cats and Lawmakers- A story about listening carefully
-Chicken Little Chronicles- stories for vocabulary training
-Chicken Little- a play in rhyme for second to fifth grade children
-Does Dreaming Really Count-
rhyming story (under construction)
-Dora Drinks Pickle Potion- poem about tolerance
-Dzitzel -In the Queendom of Dzitzel- psychological profiles of ..............................................................................various personality types
picture book series with Swahili words
-Jennifer Gladen stories- fiction and nonfiction stories
-Jingles for Teens and Adults- poems of interest for older folks

-Long-Bearded Bill- rhyming story
-Losing Weight With Mother Goose- Weight loss poems
-Little Red Hen- rhyming folktale
-Mable Francis Fungus- rhyming story
-Magic Butterlyon- about appreciation written and illustrated by Ilana .........................................Louise, at age 15
-Magic Kingdom-a fantasy poem written by Andy Ira at age 8

-Messiest House in the World-
homophone rhyming story
-Midnight Ride of Paul Revere, Dawes, Prescott- poems
-Monsters Visit the Valley- rhyming story
-My Best Friend-Me-(Old Man Oak)- part prose, part rhyme
-My House is Crowded Wall to Wall- an Jewish folktale

-No Punctuation Whatsoever- story about punctuation
-Not Quite Allergic to Arpegios- silly poems about a relationship .....................................................................betweena son and his mother
-Oh Riddle, Oh Rattle, We're Done- a color,number story
-Old Man Oak- learning to appreciate oneself
-One Hill Is Enough- story about keeping decisions
-Pat's Cat,Cat's Pat
-An Emergent Readers Story, Level 1
-Pat's Cat , Cat's Pat- A Let's Get Going Story (easiest level)

-Poems for Children- poems in many styles
-Princess Mireleh Stories- Mireleh's Chanukah
-Princess Mireleh Stories-A Yiddish Purim(long version with Yiddish)
-Princess Mireleh Stories-A Yiddish Purim (short version withYiddish)
-Princess Mireleh Stories-Mireleh's Purim (all English)
-Princess Mireleh Stories- Mireleh's Thanksgiving
-Rhyming stories-picture book menu
-Rumpelstiltskin- a retelling of an old folktale
-SAT-vocabulary stories- help in learning vocabulary words
-Singing Stories- stories told in song
-Tattle-Tale-Tillie-rhyming story and introduction
-Timmy Tumler Triddlesby-
a fantasy rhyming story
-WillySilly stories- picture book series in prose (10 stories)
221B Baker Street- Vocabulary stories about Sherlock Holmes and his ...........................................creator, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
-Weight Loss Poems- Losing Weight With Mother Goose
-Who's Who in You- an identity poem

-Yosef's Blanket- an original story in the Yiddish tradition








Categories of Songs- Menus

-Animals in the Zoo
-Historical Songs &-Political Satire - menu
-Holidays -menu
-Improvisations -menu
-Letters in the Alphabet-menu
-Seasons and Weather -menu
-Singing Stories-menu
-Social and Emotional Learning-menu
-WillySilly Story Songs-
-list of stories connected with songs

Songs -

-Abraham Lincoln-a song for President's Day
-Afikoman-a song for Passover
Animals In the Zoo- Song about a class visiting the zoo
AP World: Adore or Nevermore- a song about the AP World History exam
-Because It Is Fall
-Birthday Song for Andy
-Birthday Song for Ilana
-Chanukah-At Chanukah Time
-Chanukah-The Chanukah Miracle

-Chanukah- Nun, Gimmel, Shin or Hei
-Cheer Up F, You've Got A Flat- a song about musical scales
Clap Hands - a song for very young children
-Clutter Cleaner Conscience
-Dear King Mob -a satirical song about President Andrew Jackson
-Don't Tax Me- political satire about the American Revolution
-Down I Came - an autumn song
-Early Every Morning - a singing story about having fun each day of the week
-Elephant- "Mr. Big"
-Father's Day: My Wonderful Dad
-Farm- A Trip to the Farm
- A song for young children about visiting a farm
Farm- The Human Condition: Fun at the Farm - A silly song
-George Washington -a song for President's Day
-Giraffe- "Mr. Giraffe"
-Hippo-"Mrs. Hippo"
-Hissing Sound of 'S'
-Hoedown-State of the Union Hoedown, Lowdown-(political satire)
-Hop On Board- The Underground Railroad (historical song)
-Hot Summer Day
-I Have A Shiny Apple
-I Love Summer
-I Love Thanksgiving
-I'm Thankful
-It's Fun to Pick Apples
-It's Not Strange to Me(long version)
-It's Not Strange to Me (Short version)
-It's Spring
-It's Time To Look for the Afikoman
-Jobs I'd Like to Do
-Leopard-Spotty Mrs. Leopard
Lion- Mr. Lion
-Letter B:My Name is B
-Letter M - 'M' in the Middle
-Letter S- Hissing Sound of S
Medieval Mist and Magic
-Memorial Day
-Midnight Ride of Dawes,Revere and Prescott
-Monkey-Mrs. Monkey
-My Shadow
Passover(Pesach)-Pesach's Coming
-Passover- It's Time to Find the Afikoman
-Peacock-The Peacock and the Kangaroo
-Pig Parade
Pilgrims-The Pilgrims
-Pilgrims-The Pilgrims Go Planting
Pilgrims Hunting-They Took What They Needed
-Purim-At Purim Time
Purim -I Have A Hammentaschen
-Purim-Let's Make Hammentaschen
-Old Glory
-Rainy Weather-It's Raining
-Rainy Weather- I Saw That There Was Rain
-Rosh Sha Shanah-The New Year Has Begun
-Rosh Sha Shanah-Wishing You a Happy New Year
-School Bus
-Shabat-Together Celebrate Shabat
-SillyDilly Picnic
-related to the story, The SillyDilly Picnic
-Simcha Torah
-Smiley Grin
-Snowy Weather-Snowy Slush
-Sukkos-It's Sukkos Time
Tattle -Tale-Tillie-related to the story
-The Little Red Hen-related to the story It's Not Strange to Us
-The Leaves
Came Falling Down On Me
-Three and Three Is Lots of Fun

-Tiger-Mr. Growling Tiger
-Tippecanoe and Tyler Too-historical satire
-Tu B'Shevat
-What Ya Doin' Minty - a song about Harriet Tubman
-Who In the World Was Franklin Pierce?
Zebra-Mr. Zebra



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