Minnie Minerva was talking one day
About how the cats in the courtyard would stray.

Her sister , Jane Alice, replied with a sigh.
"Those horrible taxes have risen too high."

"The cats stay up nights and they howl,"
Minnie said.
"Quite right," said Jane Alice, "quite out of their head."

"Just who do you mean," Minnie asked with a glance.
Said Jane, "oh those lawmakers, given a chance"

" They'll mess up our lives so we hardly can live."
Minnie to Jane, "They're just cats, let's forgive."

"They really can't help all the howling they do."
Then Jane said, "we listen to lawmakers who,"

"Are babbling and braying all day and some nights,"

"But Jane, they're just cats , they are creatures with rights."

"No Way!"- Minnie's sister replied in one gulp.

"Those lawmakers, blah! I will grind into pulp."

"Now listen," said Minnie, " I really must say,
The cats are quite harmless, we'll let them all stay."

"Oh no! shouted Jane, "No,no,that we can't do.
They'll take quick advantage, and that's nothing new!"

"Just who do you mean?, " Minnie asked with a glance.
Said Jane, "them there lawmakers, given the chance."

"Oh Jane, you're absurd," Minnie now in a peeve.
"You're crazy and stupid in what you believe."

"No, you are the one with no brains in the head.
So shut up your mouth, "sister Jane Alice said.



And this kind of bickering went on through the night,
The cats and the lawmakers-- terrible fight.

What Minnie and Jane, these two usually do,
Is talk about matters , most times, more than two.

Which aren't related, and do not connect.
The sisters in talking will rarely correct.

They speak AT each other, no reason in rhyme,
Address different issues,--that's most of the time.

And sometimes it happens more often than not.
Some fighting erupts, with emotions too hot.


Now Minnie and Jane are like others out there,
Who talk at each other ,and aren't aware.

They're not quite in sync, with some meaning neglected,
Resulting in misunderstanding perfected.

Then arguments happen, discussion's off track,
With sentiments flaring, a risk of attack.


It happens to people and countries as well,
The peace is disrupted, the world goes to hell.

Now what can be done to prevent this huge mess?
Maintain global sanity, much more than less?





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