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A SillyDilly Picnic

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The Song

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It's a silly dilly picnic
It is where we love to go
In the Silly dilly freezing summer
When there's lots of snow.

It's a sillydilly picnic
We forgot to bring the food
It's a sillydilly thing to do,
But it's not a time to brood

'Cause we'll go back to the palace,
That is good enough for us,
The gardener will prepare the meal,
There isn't need to fuss.

It's a sillydilly picnic,
The snowmen should have no fears,
They will never starve, they'll have a meal,
Their delicious carrot ears.

It's a sillydilly picnic
It is such a lot of fun,

It is great for you and little me too,
It is great for everyone.





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