When I was about l8 years old, I decided to make dolls.

These dolls were made out of cloth.
I sewed them together.
Here are pictures of my earliest dolls.

They were made in the l960's.





I liked to make Japanese dolls.
The doll in the back is a Japanese doll.




Several years later I became interested in Apple-head dolls.
I started carving the apples and made faces.
Then I made the bodies.
The apples shrank to l/3 their original size.
They looked like older people.
I frequently made Victorian servants.





I later thought how interesting it would be to make dolls
In scenes. In the l970's I first watched a televsion series called UPSTAIRS DOWNSTAIRS.This series is about a wealthy family living during the early20th century in London. It is also about the servants who lived in their house on Eaton Place.

I loved this series, and have watched it on video , and now onDVD over and over and over. I thought about making my own family and servants, and make dolls about them. I only made three scenes so far.
This family lived during the l9th century.

Here is one picture.

I have often thought about how photographs capture one moment of time.That is how I make my dolls in scenes.
So my dolls are also part of miniature scenes.
You can see more of them in the link called "Miniatures."

In this picture, the daughter of the family whose name is Elizabeth is preparing to get married.

Her mother is wearing the dark green gown and is looking inthe mirror.The seamstress ( a person who makes clothing) is kneeling, fixing the bottom of the gown.Another maid is holding the wedding flowers.



When my daughter was in college, she asked for a very specialbirthday present. She said she wanted me to make her a doll.I didn't know what to make for her.I finally made Emma. I made up a story to go with the doll. Emma was a mother who devoted all of her life and energies to her family. When she was older she decided to do something for herself (artists dates). She
decided to go to college. In her first term, Emma signed up for Greek, Historical Geography, and English Literature. Emma is struggling, but determined to meet her goals.
The paper she is studying (and sweating over) is actually written in Greek.




Sometimes I like to make hand puppets.
These are three princesses.
They are very fancy.
Two of the princesses belong to a series of
stories that I wrote.
The series is called THE WILLY-SILLY STORIES.

I talk more about these stories in the link called "Stories." Look under "Stories in a Series."





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