Once upon a time, a long time ago,
There lived a boy whose name was Joe.
He frolicked and played, he sought  adventure.
But soon after that he saw a vulture.
It was amazing, wowy ,
It was all of that, just to he (him.)

It soared away, faster than the rest.
So Joe followed it into the forest.
It soared straight down to its feathers, it gave a wave,
It dived straight into a cave.
Joe ran into it, he saw a black mole.
He ran far ahead and fell down a hole.

Joe fell and fell straight down the hole.
He landed with a thud, on a knoll.
He looked and looked around the hole.
But he couldn’t even see a soul.
He got up and then began to walk,
He only heard that vulture squawk.

But suddenly, through that dark whole night,
Joe saw a tiny flickering light.
He walked and walked to that flickering light,
He walked and walked through that dark stone night.
Joe finally got to the flickering light,
Joe saw it was shining through the night.

He looked very hard but finally said,
This stuff is pyrite, it isn’t lead.
He reached with his hand to touch the pyrite,
The very thing that was giving the light.
Joe felt his hand touch the wall,
But then basket and soccer balls started to fall.


They put Joe to sleep, his head started to spin.
Then he imagined something tin.
He came through it all, dizzy at first,
He woke up dizzy, uncared for and unnursed.
There were flashing lights turning on and off,
There was dust that made Joe have terrible cough.

Its sound kept on going, no end, no stop.
The incredible noise shook the rocks on top.
They crumbled to bits, though not touching the boy.
Joe would give up anything to get out—even a toy.
He got dizzy right then, then he stood up straight.
Boy, to his luck he didn’t appreciate.

He opened his eyes, he saw a great light.
For it was a miracle on that terrible night.
The light suddenly stopped, the light it was none,
Were the scares of the night time almost done?
He looked at it closely, its light greater than the sun.
Joe couldn’t see a soul, not anyone.

The day-break on earth seemed unknown to Joe,
He only felt wind as it started to blow.
He saw a big statue, all cleaned and polished,
But then the statue seemed to vanish.
It really went up, up a big hole,
Poor old Joe couldn’t see a soul.

He closed his eyes, his brain he made tight,
Followed the statue, though it gave him a fright.
Though he was scared, Joe followed it still,
Until he noticed the statue was on  a hill.
When Joe got up he saw some glitz,
And then the statue crumbled to bits.

From that point on, he looked up and down.
Soon after that he saw a small town.
He walked down the hill, he walked down, and down.
He walked down the hill just to see the small town.
He saw banks, movies and grocery shops.
He saw T.V.’s , paper and old broken down clocks.


The town was broken up even the well.
Then suddenly he saw a huge hotel.
He walked into it with the greatest of care.
But all he found there was a rusty chair.
Joe lay his head down to take a nap.
On the wall there was a big, big map.

The map was huge, so large, it showed the coast.
Then out of the map came a scary ghost.
Then the ghost in a puff,
Turned into funny glitz stuff.
Joe slipped some to his pocket, quite hidden from view,
All of this was really true.

He then saw some people made of dirt and sand,
They said they ruled the Magic Kingdom land.
They picked the boy up, carried him up and down.
They carried Joe all over the town.
They dropped him in the town’s Sand –Warmed Bank.
Right nearby, Joe saw a tank.

It was big, it was huge, really “out of sight”.
It came rolling in right through the dim light.
It quietly stopped like hitting empty space.
Then it disappeared and the sand people stood in its place.
Those people were covered with sand and dirt,
They called themselves the name CALERT.

Joe asked their commander-leader’s name.
Joe found out it was the name Garame.
He growled and mumbled, his voice hard as lead.
And then this Garame looked at Joe and said:
“Who are you—human, stranger, spy...
Because you are a stranger, you’ll have to die.”

”Please don’t do it, said poor old Joe.
Please don’t do it, NO, NO, NO.”
“We’ll only spare you, if you do five special tasks.
Get and bring back the five power masks.”
Joe looked at Garame and said, “Where are they?
“Oh, Oh,   Tell me again, What’s your name.”


“My name is Garame, and can’t you see,
The first mask is in the witch weed tree.
The next power mask is hard to fit.
It’s found at the dark side in the dragon pit.
I hope you’re listening cause the third one is,
In the dark dingy cave of Frockaliz.

The Mask number four, is in a sad place, I have no hope,
It’s called: Sad and Eerie’s Caluma Cope.
The last of the mask is mask number five.
Sitting on top of the hundredth bee hive.
Now go get the masks and we’ll spare your life.
Now go to seek them, quick as a knife.

When Garame finished his statement, he disappeared, caploo.
The other Calerts disappeared too.
Then there was smoke, Joe coughed but didn’t flee.
Then he saw it, it was there, the witch weed tree.
It was quite far, across a desert of sand.
Joe pointed and stretched out his big right hand.

But very soon after, before he got far,
Some magic dust from the sky turned into a car.
Joe hopped in and drove, he drove for the mask.
He went on and on to finish the task.
He saw a cloud, shaped like a cup.
A huge monster hand pulled his car way up.


It pulled the car, around and around.
But then pulled the car deep underground.
It took Joe down with a heavy thud.
He landed with a thud on some mushy mud.
Joe said, “What a terrible fall, my goodness gee.
But then he was in front of that witch weed tree.


He started to climb, it was a long way up.
He saw that cloud that was shaped like a cup.
Joe started to slip, but grabbed at a branch.
It was like a tree on his uncle’s ranch.
He started to climb again, he tried hard as lead,
Then suddenly, something fell on his head.


He looked up, he looked down, he looked everywhere.
Then Joe saw it, do you know what was there?
Joe said, “Wooppy, hooray, “I’ve found the first mask.
But I still will have to finish my task.”
So Joe stretched and stretched and got the mask.
Then he climbed down again to finish the task.

Joe put on the mask, it was easy to fit.
Joe said, “now to dark side and the dragon pit.”
He saw a road, there was only one.
And then Joe started to run and run.
He ran and ran, no end, no stop.
Until he saw a huge lolly-pop.

Joe studied the pop, never missed a spot.
Then something fell on his head, it was a pot.
When the pot hit the ground, it turned into air,
And then almost nothing, nothing was there.
He finally saw a sign, it was big and wide.
And then Joe read it, it said TO DARKSIDE.

Joe followed the sign, and wasn’t to blame.
Because then came up tons of burning flame.
He closed his eyes, thought very clear.
The sound of the fire, he did hear.
Then the fire went out, and the road was steady.
Joe took a breath because he was ready.

He started to run, with mask number one.
He started to run and run and run.
He was running as fast as a horse in a zoo.
He ran and ran for Mask number two.
Joe suddenly stopped at a hole not brightly lit.
Joe said, “I must have found the dragon pit.”

He looked down the pit, not able to see a soul.
Joe looked straight down the dark, dim hole.
He held his nose and took a breath.
And then he jumped a great big depth.
He fell and fell, no end, no stop.
Until Joe’s hand grabbed on a rock.


He started to swing and Joe caught a ledge.
He didn’t hold tight, so he slipped to its edge.
But then in the dark, the night and dim,
Joe saw a sight that really pleased him.
It was part of his life-saving task.
So guess what it was? it was the power mask.

Joe started to swing and then he got,
Ready to swing off that rock.
He swung off the rock to get Mask two,
And got it, couldn’t you?
Then Joe was happy but not having a ball,
And then the poor boy started to fall.

Then he saw something he didn’t like a lot.
It was lots of lava, red and hot.
Joe didn’t know then what to do.
Then he remembered something, that wasn’t new.
He reached into his pockets, way up to his wrists,
And out of the pocket he took some glitz.

Joe threw the glitz up, so that he wouldn’t fall in.
The glitz turned into a floor of tin.
He grabbed some rocks which split apart.
But then Joe almost lost his heart.
Joe thought and thought, said “I’m no wiz,”
In this place called Frockaliz.

Then he found out that he was a wiz.
Because he found he was in the cave of Frockaliz.
Then he went on with his life saving task.
He soon found the third power mask.
He was happy, rejoicing, in his own special way.
Joe knew it was his lucky day.

He put mask two and then mask three,
Over the one from the witch weed tree.
“Now to that sad place, I sure hope,
To get  to Sad and Eeiry’s Caluma Cope.”
He took some more glitz, careful not to spill.
The glitz then formed a powerful drill.


He dug and dug with the power of the drill.
He dug and dug with a strong, strong will.
Through he Cave of Frokaliz wall.
The walls of rocks were very tall.
He finally stopped cause he hit something hard.
This wasn’t his idea of a nice backyard.

The drill turned up then and he dug some more.
Then the drill turned to glitz as it was before.
Joe got out of the wide drilled hole.
Waling outside, he tripped on a knoll.
Then he saw a sign big and wide.
It didn’t say, TO DARKSIDE.


It had black and white letters, faint and blurry.
The sign said, “This way to Sad and Eeiry.”
Joe read the sign, and was happy to know,
He was on the right track, joyful old Joe.
Then he started to run and he ran and ran,
Until he tripped on a peanut can.


Joe fell down and landed with a thud.
He saw it  CALUMA COPE, with pools of mud.
Joe got up so he could finish his task,
And the he saws the fourth power mask.
It was hanging over a big mud pool.
Joe jumped for it, almost losing his cool.

He reached up and got it with some luck.
Anyone could to that, even a duck.
None of this was very funny,
Joe said, to the beehives now, in the land of Honey.
Joe started running though it was far away.
He ran and ran though it took him all day.

He finally stopped because of a wall.
Then Joe started to fall and fall.
He landed safely on the leaf of a tree,
The tree was huge like a nearby bee.
Joe grabbed the wing of a humungous bee.
The bee flew away from the gigantic tree.


Joe thought about the fifth power mask.
He thought about finishing his life saving task.
The bee dropped Joe in a big forest.
Soon Joe had to take a rest.
He laid his head down to get some sleep.
All he could hear were the baas of some sheep.

When Joe woke up he started to yawn.
Because it was daybreak, just at dawn.
Joe started to walk and then started to run.
He ran and ran under the red hot sun.
Soon he saw a huge castle.
He ran inside without a hassle.


He walked through the castle, the dark and dim.
And then he saw something that didn’t please him.
He saw that Calert with the funny name.
Guess who it was? That’s Right! Garame.
Garame looked angry, he lowered his head,
And then he looked at Joe and said:

“Well have you now found every mask?
Have you finished the dangerous task?
Joe said, “No, No, with the masks I’m not done.
But I have one left, I have just one.
Garame  said ”Good” find the mask.
Now you go to finish the task.


Joe said his   fair -well to the mighty Calert Leader,
Outside the castle it felt hot as a heater.
He kept on running far and far.
Boy, Joe wished he had a car.
Then Joe reached to his pocket, down up to his wrists,
 And he took out pieces of shiny glitz.

He threw the glitz up but it didn’t go far.
And then it changed to a red racing car.
Soon after that, you should have seen Joe, Wow,
“Burning up the road,” driving fast, and how!
The car led Joe to a spot so sunny.
And then Joe smelled a speck of honey.


Joe still drove on, though he needed a rest.
He drove straight out of the ugly forest.
Joe  saw a Newt, which you know is a lizard.
Lost like Joe in the middle of the desert.
The desert was dry and very hot.
It could even melt down an iron pot.


Joe drove and drove, kept driving on,
And then he saw a reddish fawn.
The fawn was exercising on the desert sand,
It was running across the beach-like land.
Right over the car the fawn then jumped.
And on a rock the car fortunately thumped.


The fawn looked at Joe, Joe looked at the fawn.
An unusual meeting on that hot, dry lawn.
And then the car went over a knoll.
Both Joe and the car fell down a hole.
From the car, Joe got out,
And stood up straight looking all about.


Joe started to walk and tripped on a twig.
He saw a shovel and started to dig.
He dug and dug through the dirt and the soil.
Joe even dug up a can of oil.
It was hard work, digging through all that dirt.
It was messy work, Joe got dirt on his shirt.


Joe was digging straight through the wall of the hole,
And the Joe saw a distant black mole.
The mole said, “ ahhh! Down here it not sunny.
I see you are on your way to the land of honey.”
The tunnel there is right above us,
So dig your way up without a fuss.”


“But there are three very dangerous dangers,
So far survived only by three Calert rangers.”
Joe said, “I’ll risk it cause it’ll save my life,
I’ll go through with them quick as a knife.”
Joe started to dig as hard as he could.
So Joe dug straight up with a will that he should.


Joe reached the surface of that desert of sand.
Joe was on the surface of that magic kingdom land.
Joe saw the tunnel, it was long and wide.
And then Joe decided to walk inside.
It was so dark, it was so bleary.
It was so muddy, it was really eeiry.


As Joe walked through the tunnel like a striding ranger,
He worried about the first dangerous danger.
Then the floor, ceiling and the wall,
Started to move in like in Horror Hall.
Joe need a miracle and he need one fast.
He jumped out of the danger and was safe at last.


Joe went on to look for the last power mask,
He was running and running to finish the task.
Joe ran and ran, like running a sweepstakes.
He ran until he saw pit of snakes.
He stopped and worried about this dangerous danger.
Was this danger survived by any Calert ranger?


Joe thought and thought, such a hard decision to make.
To get across a pit of cobra snakes.
Then Joe knew it; he knew what to do.
And this time his idea was not very new.
Joe hummed a tune, the snakes were hypnotized.
And then they fell down completely paralyzed.


Joe jumped across the pit of snakes.
He saw then sleeping like plastic fakes.
So Joe ran and ran to the third dangerous danger.
He ran through the tunnel fast as a Calert ranger.
Then two more walls appeared to form a room.
Could this be Joe’s terrible doom?


Could this be his doom in this supper strange land?
Because that little room was filling with sand.
Remembering what he brought for his life saving task,
Then he grabbed one of the super power masks.
Joe threw it in the middle of the small room,
It swept up some sand, just like it was a broom.


To do such a thing, Joe must have had strong wits,
And that is why he took a bunch of glitz.
He moved to the wall and with a strong will,
Threw the glitz up to form a drill.
Joe started to drill, he drilled more and more,
Right through the sand room’s sand covered floor.


He drilled through some more dirt and he was out,
Then he looked hard all about.
In the tunnel it was dark, outside it was sunny,
Joe found it, he found it, the land of  honey.
So Joe started  counting, counting galore,
counting, counting, more and more.


When will Joe find the hundredth Bee hive?
When will Joe find it, When when  when?
Counting those hives may cause a scene.
16 and l7, then he took a rest.
This really was a tough, tough test!!!


For Andy's 26th birthday Suzie-Jean finished
the story.


He found the hive, the hundredth one,
He thought at last  his work was done.
Believing  now, no more work to do,
He’ll have the mask, the credit due.
And finally, he soon found out.
A MIRACLE,” Joe’s happy shout.

Indeed he found the final mask,
A difficult but easy task.
Not in the beehive, Joe was smart,
To find it deep inside his heart.
This power mask, a special kind,
The finest one that one could find.

Mask number five, no mask at all,
Releases strength, a wake-up call,
To harness goodness found within,
The depth of soul, beneath one’s skin.
The might of truth and decency,
The door to life, the lock’s main key.





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