created and performed by
Bernie Katzman

It' Not Strange to Me: in the classical tradition


Cheer Up F, You've Got A Flat: in the classical tradition


Animals in the Zoo: in the classical tradition


Mrs. Monkey: in ragtime


Mr. Zebra:ragtime

Mrs. Hippo:

in the classical tradition

in jazz

in ragtime


It's Spring: in the classical tradition

George Washington

in ragtime

in jazz

The Pig Parade: classical

It's Fun to Pick Apples: classical

They Took What They Needed and
Nothing More: classical

Tattle-Tale-Tillie: modern


My Shadow: classical

The Little Red Hen: classical/comical ending

Tippecanoe and Tyler Too:

country style




Hot Summer Day: Classical

Hop on Board : Modern

What Ya' Doin' Minty: Modern/Blues

Abraham Lincoln

A Smiley Grin

Old Glory

AP World: What A Course To Choose

The Human Condition:Fun at the Farm

Ilana Louise, The World's Singing for you

Andy, Oh Andy



in classical style

in ragtime

Trip to the Farm

in style of a spiritual

in ragtime

Hens, Chicks, Roosters

I'm Thankful

Native American Prayer

Busy Bumble Bee

Memorial Day Waltz

The Military Medley

An Improvisation for Christmas

Early Every Morning

classical style

mixed styles

modern style

Dear King Mob



White Snow, Soft Snow



In Winter

Classical, in the style of Bach
Classical, in the style of Mozart
Classical , in the style of Beethoven,Classical, in the style of Tchaikovsky
Classical , in waltz style (Chopin)


Sitting in Praise of Rutherford Hayes

The Monstrosity Rag

The Animal's Waltz

The Mud Sonata

On the Day We Got Wrong Improvisation

The Word Contraction Waltz

The Nose Knows:Classical

The Nose Knows: Rag

Old King Cole

Robin's Spring

Because It is Fall




The Rabbi Knew

The Leopard Rag

Sukkos Improvisation

A was an Archer

Autumn Leaf Jazz

Give My Love To You

I'm In Love With You

The Sharing Rag

The Clara Rag

Homophones Waltz

Follow Your Heart


"Ke" sound of 'C'


Follow the Star


Pig in a Mud Pile (Rag, Classical, Waltz)

Shavuous-middle eastern sound

I've Got Rhythm

Old Man River

Richard Rodgers Medley 1


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All of the improvisations on this list are under copyright declaration.

Ownership: Bernie Katzman& Susan Jean Maskin

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