Here are some miniature projects that I have made.

I always loved reading the Alice stories written by

Lewis Carroll.


I made some miniature scenes based on those stories.


Click the picture to see more pictures of Alice's Garden.



I call this scene, "Alice's Garden."

It is about Alice visiting the garden of talking flowers from THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS.
It also has some characters from ALICE'S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND.

Some of the characters in these scenes were recreated and renamed for my stories in



HUMPTY DUMPTY, aka Barton G. Humpty B. Bumper Begooo

Click the picture to find out more about this character!



Can you find Alice? She is visiting Humpty Dumpty.

Click to find out how I thought of this scene.

Humpty Dumpty was made into a new character who lives in The Queendom of Dzitzel. To read about him, click here.




Alice is visiting "The Tree of Meaning."This was not in the Alice stories.I made this part up.



In this picture you can see the size of the figures by looking at my eye glasses in front of the Mad Hatter's feet.


Can you find Whatever Sergetio Tertle in the picture above the one of Whatever?




One of my favorite television programs was a series called UPSTAIRS DOWNSTAIRS.

It is a series from Englandand that was first shown in the United States in the l970's.

I loved it so much that I made up my own characters and my own story.
It is about a wealthy family living in England when Queen Victoria was queen of England.(1831-1901)

The family's name is Wemberlain. For more about their story click on Wemberlain.

Here are 2 scenes that I made.
They represent 2 moments in time.


There are five children in the family. They are cared for by a nanny,named Nanny Higgins. In this picture, one of the younger children, Georgine, was very unhappy. Her parents and three older children were taken to a party. Nanny Higgins is comforting Georgine.



Nanny Higgins is comforting Georgine.



The youngest child, Anne, is sleeping in her cradle.
I crocheted the aphgan blanket using embroidery thread.
This pattern is called "granny squares."


The eldest Wemberlain daughter, Elizabeth is getting
married. The seamstress is fixing her gown while
another maid is looking on, holding the flowers.
Lady Wemberlain, Elizabeth's mother is fixing the
tiara on her head using a small mirror.

Preparing for an afternoon tea

The head cook, Mrs. Mabel Bellows is preparing an apple pie with the assistance of kitchen maid,
Violet Wilks.


The bowl of eggs is only slightly larger than a quarter coin.


The Collapsible Doll House


A Minibed

Click the picture to find out more


The Collapsible Doll House

For more pictures of this doll house, click here, or on the picture above.

I enjoyed making toys for my two children. Though I was not very skilled, every stitch had love.

Living in a apartment with small rooms and limited storage space, I had to come up with strategies. My children did not have a toy room.

I wanted my daughter to have a doll house, since I loved miniatures myself. I therefore designed this collapsible doll house. unlike most doll houses that have several floors, this one is a single floor design.

When finished, I collapsed the walls and put the entire piece in a black bag. The garden is attached.



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