Chicken Little On Her Way



affronted      (adj)        disrespectful, insulting, slighted                                               .

ambled         (v)            to walk with at an easy, gentle pace                                           .

ancestral      (adj)         something that  relates to relatives from the past                     .

apprehension  (n)         anticipation of something fearful  or in any way unfavorable .

ardent           (adj)        having  espressive, intense feelings about something              .

assuage          (v)            to relieve, make milder, make better                                      .

august           (adj)          great, grandeur, majestic (emphasis on last syllable ‘ust’   .
austere          (adj)           severe in manner or appearance, stern                                  .
autumnal      (adj)        belonging to or suggestive of autumn                                          .
beamish         (adj)        bright, cheerful, optimistc                                                             .
bedecked        (v)             to adorn,  fix up,  decorate ,especially in a showy or gaudy      
                                              manner                                                                                      .
blithesome      (adj)       merry, cheerful, light-hearted                                                      .
buoyantly       (adv)        cheerful, not easily depresed, cheering , invigorating               .
chandeliers     (n)            a light fixture  hung up on and suspended from the ceiling      .
chided             (v)             to scold, find fault with                                                                .
chimes             (n)            small bells  that make a jingling sound                                      .
chronicles       (n)           a drama presented in a chronological series usually based on
                                           some history.  (Used broadly in these stories )                        
churlish          (adj)          rude , very impolite                                                                      .
confabulating  (v)            to chat with, converse informally                                              .
confederate     (n)             a person, group , nation, united with another,  in an alliance,
                                            league, and sometimes a conspiracy                                          .
confidant          (n)             a person of trust  with whom one has secret, intimate, personal
                                             conversations / discussions.                                                         .
consult              (v)            to seek advices or information from                                              .
contemplation  (n)           the act of thoughtful observation or reflection; serious thinking
crucial              (adj)          something that is  supreme, decisive, critical,                            .
curtly              (adv)           brief, concise, shortened                                                                daunted          (adj)            intimidated, not courageous, overcome with fear                     
    delectation       (n)                delight, enjoyment                                                                       .
dilatory           (adv)           slowly, tardy, not promt, inclined to procrastinate                   .
 disdainful       (adj)                to dislike thoroughly, scorn, think unworthy of notice        .        
dour                ( adj)             sullen, gloomy                                                                             .
dulcetness      (n)                 pleasant to hear ,  agreeable sounds, melodious                     .
elaborate        (adj)             something done or made with great care with detail               .
elegantly         (adv)            something done  in a refined, tasteful, dignified style              .
entree              (n)                the privilege of entering, of gaining access to                            .
euphonic        (adj)            having an agreeable sound, pleasing to hear                              .
exultant          (adj)             highly jubilant, triumphant, happy                                           .
hallowed         (adj)            something sacred or holy                                                             .
hues                 (n)              a variety of color, gradation of color , shades or tones of color .
imparted         (v)              to make known, to relate, to communicate something to someone
imposingly     ( adv)           to make an impression on the mind because of size, shape
                                          color. or other aspects of the appearance                                 .
inevitable       (adj)           unavoidable,  can not be evaded                                               .
jested    (v)                to joke ,  to mock at,                                                                  .  
jocund   (adj)            cheerful, merry                                                                          .
jovial      (adj)           endowed with joy, humor, cheer, mirth                                 .
laconically  (adv)      concisely , saying something in very few words                     .
lugubrious  ( adj)       mournful, gloomy, dismal                                                    .
majestic        (adj)     characterized by or possessing grandeur, stately and imposing               
                                              dignity, supreme greatness                                        .   
melodious     (adj)       tuneful,  producing a  melody usually sweet-sounding     .
mission         (n)          and assigned  or self-imposed duty or task, usually with a
                                     motive positive to the person doing the task                           .                             
moaningly   (adv)       (also-moanfully) prolongerd low sound uttered relating to some
                                   sort of mental suffering                                                                     .
monarchical  (adj)   something that is fitting for a king or lofty ruler                       .
odious         (adj)      deserving  or causing hatred,  hateful, repugnant                    .
ornate         (adj)        adorned in a very fancy way, excessively showy                       .
ostentatious (adj)      presentation of something that is designed to impress others,
                                  pretentious presentation in order to show-off                                .
parlor         (n)           a room for the reception and entertainment of visitors.
perfunctory (adj)     performed as an uninteresting  routine duty, superficially, without       
                                     much   interest or enthusiasm                                                      .
poltroon     (n)         a  coward                                                                                          
reflected    (v)           to think, ponder, meditate ( also to throw back, as an image in a 
                                     mirror                                                                                               .
relish           (v)          to take pleasure in, to like or enjoy something                             .
replete        (adj)      abundantly supplied or provided, willed with, complete             .
revived        (v)          to activate again, set back into motion, to renew, take up again .
sardonically  (adj)    characterized  by disdain (  showing contempt, anger ) in words or     
                                     thought,  sneering                                                                                .
stroll             (v)         to walk leisurely                                                                                 .
supercilious  (adj)     haughtily disdainful,  snobbish,  contemptuous                               ,
sumptuous   (adj)      having fine workmanship and good quality materials                   .
tenacity       (n)         an attitude  characterized by keeping a firm hold , stubborn,         
                                       persistent                                                                                           .
testy           (adj)        irritable, impatient, touchy                                                                  .
unequivocally  (adj)  having one possible meaning or interpretation, crystal clear           .
ushered          (v)       to lead or take  one  into a place                                                          .
variegations  (n)        the state of being varied, of having variety                                        .
verdancy       (n)       the color green, also, green with vegetation, covered with plants     .
vibrant          (adj)    exciting, stimulating, lively                                                               
zealously        (adv)      doing  or feeling something with strong devotion and enthusiasm,