(for all ages)

1.Yosef's Blanket- in English with some Yiddish words and translation links.

Yosef's overcoat was thrown out because it was old and ragged.
Now he is very upset because winter will be coming...If he has
no overcoat, he will get a cold... He will not be able to work for days
and days..... He will have no money to buy food... Surely, his family
will starve.... In this story, Yosef decides that Timke the tailor should make him a coat so that his family wouldn't starve .

Click the title of the story to read this amusing story written in the style of some of the East European Yiddish folktales.

2. A Yiddish Purim (illustrations under new construction)

Princess Mireleh's mother decides to have a purim party and invite the kings, queens, princes and princesses of other kingdoms. You would think that this would be a happy excitement for Princess Mireleh! Not so--at least at the beginning. She is embarrassed because her father is...well... clumsy and careless. Mirileh learns an important lesson...

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Chapter Book Version with Yiddish words and expressions

Picture Book Version with Yiddish words and expressions

All English version


3. Mireleh's Thanksgiving


Chapter book version

4. Mireleh's Chanukah


picture book version (under construction)