A disciple of P.T. Barnum, Soli Sludge has mastered the art of manipulating other people. I am not just talking about the gullible Twoytles here .Soli can manipulate just about anyone--even the most discerning and intelligent of people. She manipulates them into believing and doing just about anything.

Master manipulators are often sneaky schemers. Though they have a huge arsenal of time-tested strategies, to call this personality a "strategist" is a gross euphemism.

Master manipulators have developed a charm of persuasion. They are quite convincing and have a lilting flow of speech. Words are their weapons. They are fast talkers even when they are not talking rapidly. These people are often after money-- and develop schemes as to how to pull it out of other people. Sometimes, master manipulators are after other things--such as favors, jobs. status/ recognition, services etc. If they hire someone for a job, they are not pleased about the concept of paying for the work. Sometimes they think of good reasons why the person should not be paid, such as , "didn't do the job properly," or "didn't finish." The same "standards of excellence," do not apply to the Master Manipulator.

The point here is that master manipulators know how to get what they want. They always sounds sincere but have very little if any sincerity. They might even make up professional and/or personal credentials as they go along. Whatever it takes!

Master manipulators are so convincing, that many of those around them would not question the veracity of anything they say--until it is too late.

Master manipulators are not averse to doing favors for other people. However, please note, there is a self-enhancing purpose in that as well:

1) give an erroneous image of benevolence.

2) the favor-beneficary ( aka vicitm) owes favors to the manipulator--and to be sure, the manipulator notes this on an invisible inner mind list.

Master manipulators have the knack of abandoning the manipulated person when the truth is discovered. Their defense, therefore , is oblivion. Manipulators go through people like dragging panty hose through a briar patch. Master manipulators are good at covering their tracks. Therefore, though they might ultimately be found out for what they are, they are expert at avoiding negative consequences.

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