The Organized, Orderly Personality


If you ever walk into someone's home and see every book in place, every dish put away NEATLY, ( and I emphasize NEATLY),and the pot holders in the potholder place, you have entered the world of the supreme organizer. These people gain a sense of control and comfort by maintaining a very orderly environment. Though they are not, strictly speaking, perfectionists,they do get a sense of fulfillment when having perfect, or near perfect order.

Look in their drawers ( if they will allow you to do so) and you will find all socks neatly placed. All their bills are in separate envelopes or files, usually labeled, and easily accessible. etc. etc.

This tendency, generally, is not a bad thing except if it goes to the extreme. Then it can drive others living with this person CRAZY, if not the organizer him or herself. Life is unpredictable for the most part, but this personality often tends not to be able to stand that concept. They compensate for the chaos of the world by super-organizing their own. THEY ARE NOT ALWAYS SUCCESSFUL, which causes inordinate stress.

These people not only want to (almost precisely) organize their physical environment, they are likely to want to closely control their social and emotional climate as well. These are the people who make thorough plans. The more insecure and compulsive ones in this personality group might make back-up plans as well, and possibly even back-up plans to the back-up plans. Some of these planners are extremely practical in their approach to living. Pragmatism is an attempt to organize and control living routines so as to make what happens more predictable .

This is not to say that all insecure people who are planners are also well-organized in their physical living patterns. Sometimes they are quite sloppy. However ,many planners do follow the pattern described here. As is true of all the characters described in these Dzitzel stories, there is a personality spectrum. Within that spectrum there are many degrees of intensity of the symptoms. Sometimes there could be odd and unexpected combinations of several personality types.


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(Note: a related personality is the pragmatist-- Appleton Stan)


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