The Resident Workaholic

Every country must have at least one of these characters. In fact , most countries have more than one. Dzitzel certainly does, and we already met one of them (remember him?--John Tonto Earp).

A workaholic is the sort of person who fills his or her day with a vast array of tasks, often performing them at a very quick speed.The workaholic may even be a multi-tasker--ubelievably- doing more than one job at the same time. Everything is squeezed into the day.

The workaholic tends to keep long hours, and sleeps less than most other people. They work, and work, and work, and work. They may have a reason(s) for it: "I am trying to advance my career." "I am trying to make more money." etc. etc.

What is behind all of this work?

Perhaps the reasons above are actually true. The person really might want to advance him or herself professionally and monetarily.

Or, perhaps one of these which are less obvious :

l) The workaholic might be a perfectionist and has to get everything exactly right.

2) The workaholic might have KWDT syndrome (Keep Working, Don't Think syndrome). Most of us have been advised to keep busy when upset or nervous. It doesn't always work.

3) He/she might lack a healthy sense of self-- identity coming not from what one is, but from what one does. Adding jobs also means adding items to a sort of "self-identity chart."

4) He/she might need inordinate amounts of approval from others around him or her.

5) A combination of any of the above.

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