In this literary fairy tale, Peter ,a boy main character, could fly. He had run away to Neverland when he was a baby.

He was the leader of other lost boys on this magical island.

There were Indians and pirates living on the island too. The leader of the pirates was the dangerous Captain Hook who had lost a hand to a crocodile.

Peter has a friend, a small fairy named Tinkerbell.

One night, Peter and Tinkerbell visits the home of the Darling family. He listens to the oldest child , Wendy, tell her two brothers, John and Michael about Peter Pan. Peter comes into their room , teaches the children how to fly, and then takes them to Neverland for a visit. There they encounter the pirates led by Captain Hook. The pirates do battle against Peter and the boys, as well as the Indians led by Tiger Lilly.

Peter, with Tiger Lilly's help, triumphs against the pirates.

Wendy, Michael and John, as well as the lost boys return to London, while Peter remains in Neverland.