Barton G. Humpty B. Bumper Begooo

In Through the Looking Glass, Alice meets Humpty Dumpty. Humpty is an arrogant individual who thinks that whatever his interpretation is about everything is absolutely correct. In this scene, Barton thinks the same way. He has set himself up as the supreme consultant. Too bad that everything he thinks, says, does is absolutely wrong.

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For example--The Twoytles--how gullible they are! All three of them!

Barton redesigned the globe for them so that they would know the "correct" positions of every place in the world!!Correct, according to Barton the supreme consultant.


Look closely...Who do you see waiting on Barton's Consulting line? Someone who wants a brain, someone who wants a heart, and Alice (or is that Dorothy?)

By the way, the Panda loves bargains. But is he getting the best buy?
Barton will let him know...for a fee!


Humpty, aka Barton, is all kindness and has infinite wisdom. How fortunate that he will share his wise -universal observations with one and all. If you are not entirely sure of what this sign means, click.


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