Beginner Reader Stories are picture books for the child at the earliest stages in their reading development.

Usually these stories are published in levels: 1 through 4, with level 1 being the easiest of the four levels.

It is best when these stories have controlled-repeated vocabulary throughout the story. Even better--- include some text with Phonetic connections which allows for word analysis work ("word work").

In order to have repeated vocabulary, the word count in my Beginner Stories is higher than most published easy readers, especially in Level 1 and above. In order to modify the impact of increased text, these stories are divided into chapters. Chapter divisions are optional, but I favor this format. Chapter divisions enable the child to have a logical break-- a rest. If an adult is working with the child, chapter divisions allow for comprehension checks and word review.

Psychologically, a child who can successfully read a story with increased text is encouraged, feeling a sense of success. Repeating words allows for the child to build a "memory bank" of sight words.

It might be best for a child first learning to read to have a level easier than level 1 --stories that are Pre-Level 1. These stories have very little text, and few words used. I call these stories:


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Pat's Cat and Pat's Cat (easy version)

Billy Likes Books (easy version)


eeasy versin


Pat's Cat and Cat's Pat

Billy Beaver Likes Books

The Rabbi Helps the Man

Milk and Cookies, Milk and Cake


At the Zoo With Miss Moomoo

At the Farm With Miss Moomoo

Marty's Birthday Party

Her Name Is Pan Pan

LEVEL 3 or 4

Sally Summer's Lost Silk Slippers

Four Sloppy Seals

Shelley's Shadow

Scared at Mill's Cave

Eating Right

Melvin Munches Much Too Much



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