Hi out there, and welcome to my authorsite.
I would like to tell you about myself.

This is a picture of me

I was born on December 23, 1944. It was a special
day for me and my mother.

Guess what!

December 23rd is my mom's birthday too.

She always said that I was her best birthday gift.

My father died young which was a tragedy for all of us.
However, my mother remarried and my step-father was
great to us.

Here are some youtubes of my family.
Some are really good oral histories.

Click for the youtube series 1

Click here for the youtube series 2



I was born in New York City, and have lived there my whole life.

When I was young, we lived on Arnow Avenue in the Bronx.The Bronx is part of New York City.

There were loads of kids on my street.


This is a picture of my house
on Arnow Ave.

My favorite thing to do was catch fireflies.
We used to call them lightening bugs.
We would put them in a jar.It was fun to watch the jar light up. Then we would let the bugs go.

We had a lot of fun.


I liked going to school.
I remember elementary school.
I went to P.S. 121.P.S. stands for
Public School.


I went to Junior High School, 113, and then to
Evander High school.

After high school I went to Hunter College.

In college , I studied history and education.
My goal was to become a teacher
I wanted to work with young children.

When I was older, I worked in the library.
Reading my stories to the children is fun.

I am telling one of my WillySilly stories
using a Kamishibai stage


I went to graduate school too.I went to New York University. New York University is also called NYU. I received a Masters Degree in history.


I work as a librarian at the Kinneret is a school in the Bronx, New York.



I have also worked at other schools. To see some of the work done by the children, click on PROJECTS.


Working with children in the library and in classrooms has helped me learn all about books for children. I love the picture books best of all.

I guess that is why I now write my own picture book stories
It is a lot of fun.


In 2003, I started writing picture books with rhyming words. My first rhyming story is called The Legend of Long Bearded Bill.


I have written many stories.
Some are in rhyme and some are not in rhyme.

I hope that all of you children will have fun reading and writing too. Maybe you will write your own stories and books.

I hope so!

I also enjoy writing songs for children. I have written several songs including songs about animals. I have some of my songs on this


If someone asked me what my life's work is, I would say "writing stories."

However, I also like making craft projects, especially miniature scenes. I like making dolls too, and made my
first doll when I was l8 years old. Now I make all sorts of dolls.If you would like to see some pictures of my click on DOLLS.

Sometimes I put on puppet shows for the children.



This is an old East-European Folktale.
It is called "My House Is Crowded Wall to Wall."


I like to be creative.
I hope you like to be creative too.

Think of some great ideas!